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Melton Fields Development Application History
The development is technically within Welton Parish although it obviously impacts North Ferriby.
Diary of Events
Further Information
November 14
St Modwen’s attempt to appeal to the Supreme Court refused.
See Court Order
October 24 - 2017
The appeal by St Modwen was dismissed by the Court of Appeal in its entirety.
See Judgement
June 4 - 2017
Court of Appeal considers it verdict.
November - 2016
St Modwen to go to the Court of Appeal against High Court decision
April 28 - 2016
High Court dismisses the appeal
See Full Judgments (pdf)
January - 2016
A hearing (in the Administrative Court at Leeds) was held on the 28th and 29th January 2016, when it considered the validity of the Secretary of State’s decision which St Modwen is seeking to quash.
See statement by ERYC (pdf file)
July - 2015
St Modwen lodges an appeal at the High Court

June - 2015
The Secretary of State dismisses both appeals relating to the proposed development of 510 or 390 dwellings at Melton Fields.

Amongst the reasons for refusal are;
* Development would be in conflict with the emerging East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Local Plan
* No pressing need for additional housing above that proposed in the emerging ERYC Local Plan
* A significant diminishment of available land for employment
* The urbanising influence on the character of North Ferriby.

The report is 178 pages long.
To read the Inspector’s full report (pdf file - 1.54Mb)
See also Atkins Report 1 Atkins Report 2
and Ground Investigation Report (including Fugro report)

December - 2014
The cost of fighting appeals to date have cost ERYC £169, 000
see Yorkshire Post (pdf)
November - 2014
Owing to the need for further information on the two planning appeals for Melton Fields, the target date for the decision by the Secretary of State was moved to after the May General Election.
August - 2014
The inquiry reconvened at County Hall, Beverley on the 6th August and was completed on the 8th August.

23 May - 2014
The public inquiry into the appeals against the developments at Melton Fields was adjourned.

The Parish Council thanks all who attended the public meeting at the Hallmark Hotel on 20th May and those residents who made their views known so effectively to the Planning Inspector.
9 May - 2014 Parish Council Vice Chairman John Halmshaw presents a very detailed submission at the hearing see pdf file
9 May - 2014 Submission by Ward Councillor Julie Abraham see pdf file
2 May - 2014 - Local hearing granted for 20 May at Hallmark Hotel Beverley See pdf file

28 April - 2014 - Appeal hearing commences at County Hall Beverley

See Provisional Timetable

29 April - 2014 Provisional Timetable for the appeal published

15 April - 2014
An Inspector has now been appointed by the Planning Inspectorate to hear the two appeals. The Inspector has suggested that the Parish Council establish if any resident wishes to address the Inspector during the course of the enquiry.

See Appointment of Inspector
See Procedural Notes

20 March 2014
The Parish Council was advised by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) that both appeals in respect of the two applications for development at Melton Fields, submitted by St Modwen Developments Limited will be heard together.
See pdf file

13 March 2014
Statement by Parish Council
Town and Country Planning Act 1990 - Planning Appeal - We have been advised that an appeal has been made to the Planning Inspectorate in respect of the second application by St Modwen Developments Limited, relating to the proposed developments at Melton Fields. This includes the proposal for development of up to 390 dwellings and other structures.

The Parish Council responded to the Planning Inspectorate objecting to the development and registering our intention to speak at the appeal hearing.


29/30 Jan 2014
Parish Council's response to the proposed venue for appeal in April with a request for a local hearing and other proposals.

Notice to Residents (pdf file)
Letter to ERYC (pdf file)
Letter to Planning Inspectorate (pdf file)

23 Jan 2014
ERYC refuse application for 390 houses at Melton Fields. Following representation by residents and Councillor Julie Abraham speaking on behalf of ward councillors and North Ferriby and Welton parish councils, the planning application for 390 homes at Melton Fields was refused. The applicant, St Modwen Properties, has the right to appeal the decision.
ERYC planning website reference 13/02860/STOUT
20 Jan 2014
Date of Appeal announced with reasons for selection of Venue

See Poster See Venue Selection Assessment

20 Jan 2014
This additional information was considered by the Parish Council at its planning meeting on 13th January. We recommended unanimously that as well as refusing the second application, all of the options proposed should not be considered by the Local Planning Authority.

In addition, on 23rd December, we received notification from the ERYC that in October 2013 they had reached agreement with the applicant that items 4 and 5 of the Local Planning Authority’s reasons for refusal can be dealt with by appropriate conditions. Reason 4 relates to noise and disturbance.
Reason 5 relates to the incompatibility of residential accommodation for the elderly on such a site.

These agreements have been made without consultation with the two Parish Councils or the local community. This aspect was also considered by the Parish Council at its planning meeting on 13th January. We consider that the basis on which these agreements have been reached are ill founded and ignore community interests. We requested that the Planning Inspector allows the consideration of these two matters at the Inquiry.

Our subsequent letter to the Local Planning Authority of the ERYC can be viewed here.




Our letter to the Planning Inspector can be viewed here

Dec 31 2013 Melton Fields Additional Information.
On 18th December the agents for St Modwen submitted to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) additional information in relation to their last planning application which has yet to be determined by the ERYC. This can be found on the ERYC planning website under reference 13/02860/STOUT. The document is titled “Planning Update Statement”. The statement seeks to rebut the five reasons given for refusal of their original application and amongst other issues it proposes two sets of options. Included in these options are proposals for affordable housing, education contributions, transport, open spaces and care provision.

Included in the second option is the statement “Infrastructure contribution. Provision of £6million index linked for the provision of a bride (bridge) for vehicular traffic over the railway to the south of the site together with a mechanism for the transfer of the land in St Modwen’s ownership on either side of the railway line which is necessary for the footings of the bridge.” Included in the summary to the options is the statement “………As a result our client is able to contribute £6 million to the delivery of highway infrastructure to make the land south of the railway accessible for major development”.

This new development will be considered by North Ferriby Parish Council and we will keep you up to date with future developments.

Nov 20 - 2013  Planning Appeal deferred until April 2014
The planning appeal for 510 houses in Melton, scheduled to commence on 19th November, was, after two days of preliminary legal deliberations, deferred until 29th April 2014. It was decided by the planning inspector that a venue in North Ferriby could be considered for the hearing and East Riding of Yorkshire Council will now look into the suitability of available accommodation and advise the inspectorate accordingly. The parish council will continue to inform residents via its website and give an update in its Spring newsletter. In the meantime the second planning application, which is for 390 new homes, remains on the table and will be determined by East Riding Council in due course.

The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of North Ferriby Parish Council attended the hearing. The Chairman made oral representations to the Planning Inspector on both days relating to the venue of the hearing being held at North Ferriby and that the evidence should be heard complete as opposed to it being held in two parts. This followed written representations to the Inspector, on the issue of the venue, made by the Ward Councillor and the Chairman of North Ferriby Parish Council prior to the opening of the hearing.

Oct 16 - 2013
North Ferriby Parish Council have raised an issue pertaining to the latest application from St Modwen and the original application currently under appeal. The documentation we have seen contains NO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT. We believe that this is required under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2011. See detailed explanation (pdf file) See RH Column for letters relating to this issue

North Ferriby PC letter to Planning Inspectorate 16 October 2013 (pdf file)

North Ferriby PC letter to Alan Menzies Director of Planning & Economic Regeneration ERYC 16 October 2013 (pdf file)

North Ferriby PC letter to Peter Ashcroft Head of Planning and Development Management ERYC 16 October 2013 (pdf file)

Sept 25 2013
St Modwen submits a revised application. Comment from Ferriby Parish Council - It appears that the proposed number of houses has changed from 510 to 390 and that part of the land is now to be allocated for employment use. We will provide further information when we have it Residents who wish to comment on this application can do so on East Riding Of Yorkshire Council website using the application number shown. See also Sept 26 Statement by Ferriby Parish Council (pdf file)

Application Number: 13/02860/STOUT (Re - submission of 12/04849/STOUT)
East Riding Planning Public Access
See Appeals Procedures Guide & Appeal Case Summary

See Planning Inspectorate Appeals webpage
Sept 18 2013
Appeal date is announced
The appeal was heard on Tuesday, 19th November 2013 at 10 am at County Hall, Beverley.
August 29 2013
The appeal decision is to be finally decided by Eric Pickles (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government). This is triggered because of the size of the site and the number of houses proposed. The planning inspector will only make a recommendation to Mr Pickles.
20 August 2013
The time for responses to the inspector who will hear the appeal has now expired. The response of Ferriby Parish Council to the inspector is shown in the column to the right. This is supplemental to the PC original objections submitted to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Ward and Parish councillors have taken up the issue with David Davis MP, who has subsequently written to Eric Pickles giving his full support to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s refusal of the planning application
See Letter to Planning Inspectorate
18 July 2013
North Ferriby Parish Council held an extraordinary meeting to determine its response to this appeal application. The Parish Council RESOLVED to:

Note the reason for refusal of the planning application as determined by East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Note the grounds of the appeal indicated by St Modwen Developments Ltd
Agree to maintain its opposition to the application on the grounds previously determined
Make arrangements to attend any appeal hearing as an interested party in order to put forward its case against the application at the appropriate time
Propose a working group to prepare for the appeal which is given the authority to respond to any deadlines comprising of Councillors Mabbett, Halmshaw, Abraham & Payne
Make a verbal representation before the Planning Inspectorate at the appeal hearing on a date to be decided.

See grounds identified by St Modwen for the Appeal
(Item H on the Appeal Form (pdf file)

1 July- 2013
St Modwen submit an appeal against ERYC decision.
See Appeal Form (pdf file)

16 May - 2013
East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning Committee refuse the St Modwen planning application

March 15 - 2013 Amended Plans
St Modwen have submitted amended plans and that ERYC is notifying those members of the public who have submitted comments the main differences are:
1. 600 dwelling becomes 510 dwellings
2. 100 bed care home becomes a 50 bed care home
3. Inclusion of 16 dormer bungalows for the elderly.
 See Amended Plans (pdf file)
14 January - 2013  North Ferriby Parish Council held an extraordinary meeting to determine its response to this application. Residents were welcome to attend and addressed the Parish Council during the first part of the meeting. The Parish Council then voted unanimously to recommend that ERYC Planning Authority reject the application. The Parish Council's full response to the Authority was then submitted. See  PC Response (pdf file)

30 Nov - 2012 Initial application by St. Modwen submitted to ERYC
Ref No 12/04849/STOUT OUTLINE - Residential Development of up to 600 dwellings, 100-bed care home, 20 sheltered apartment units for elderly persons, a local centre maximum 680sqm (total internal floor area) to include retail; community and leisure uses within use classes A1,A3,A5 and D1, informal and formal recreation open space including children's play areas and sports pitches, sports changing block, landscaping, drainage works including ponds, cycle way and footway links, new highways access, internal roads and car parking area (access to be considered) at Land To The North Of Monks Way East, And East And West Of Brickyard Lane, Melton, East Riding Of Yorkshire, HU14 3HB for St Modwen Developments Ltd.

 See East Riding Planning Public Access
and enter 12/04849/STOUT

April - 2012 Details emerge of possible development on Melton Fields. Ferriby Parish Council monitors the situation closely but can only act formally when a planning application is received.

Statement by Parish Council Chairman (pdf file)
Information provided by ERYC (pdf file)

Development Proposal Map
Click for larger image (pdf file)
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