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Meeting Days & Information
1st Ferriby Guides Tuesdays
Swanland Guides Mondays
For girls aged 10 to 14
Members take part in a wide range of exciting activities at their regular meetings, and at special events, camps and holidays. Girls do everything from adventure sports to playing fun games, and from taking part in community action projects to the performing arts. They work together in patrols and choose many of their own activities with the support of adults.
1st Ferriby Brownies Tuesdays
3rd Ferriby Brownies Thursdays
2nd Swanland Brownies Mondays
For girls aged 7 to 10
Girls can participate in a wide range of activities at their regular meetings, and at special events, day trips, sleepovers and holidays. They can find themselves trying out arts and crafts or playing energetic games.
Girls can also extend their knowledge and abilities by working towards Brownie interest badges covering many different hobbies and activities from Science investigator to Circus skills.
1st Ferriby Rainbows Thursdays
For girls aged 5 to 7
They follow a programme called the Rainbow Jigsaw, which involves a wide range of activities and games. Being a Rainbow is all about learning, developing self-confidence, building friendships and, of course, having lots of fun!The Rainbow Jigsaw has four areas: Look Learn Laugh Love. Ferriby Rainbows opened in 2011.

Ferriby Guide HQ

Please go to and click on 'get involved' or contact Joyce on 01482 634 332 or for further information about joining one of our unit waiting lists.

We are also looking for new leaders and helpers in order to give more girls Guiding opportunities. No qualifications are required – just a willingness to share your hobbies and skills with others. Volunteers have the opportunity to take part in all kinds of fun and rewarding activities, make lasting friendships and learn positive values for life. We are looking for regular volunteers but also people who are willing to share their skill or hobby occasionally.

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