North Ferriby Parish Council
Future Development in Ferriby

The East Riding Local Plan allows for a total of 165 dwellings in the village in the period to 2029. See Allocations Document & Ferriby allocation map >>>

FER-A Land at Godfrey Robinson House 20

FER-B - Land off Ferriby High Road 113

FER-C - Land East of Wilson Close 18 (now completed)

FER-D - Land at Grange Lane 9

By far the largest of these is for 113 Dwellings off Ferriby High Road to the east of the school (Reference Number FER-B)

Residents should be aware that this will happen at some stage as the principle for development has been established, but no application has been made yet. In the meantime, the Parish Council is continuing in its efforts, together with Ward Councillors, to secure the type of accommodation that we have evidenced is required in the village to meet the needs of residents. We have already secured the provision of additional recreation land to the south of the development site and adjacent to the existing playing field.

When a planning application is submitted the Parish Council will scrutinise the details and endeavour to get the best outcome for the village, such as commuted sums, provision of amenities as well as suitable housing types. We will ensure that residents are aware of the application so that those that wish can submit their opinions.

Dated September 2017

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